Featured TriLink Saw Chain Product: Full Chisel Chain

TriLink Saw Chain offers a full line of chainsaw chains and accessories including full chisel saw chain.  Our full chisel saw chain is manufactured to the highest standards of quality, strength, and durability in our ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities.  In addition, this chain is engineered specifically for balance, precision, and low vibration.

Our full chisel saw chain is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate most standard and professional chain saw brands and models. We offer full chisel saw chain in 25′ reels as well as 100′ reels with pre-cut loops.

To learn more about our full chisel saw chain or to place an order, visit our website at trilinksawchain.com



Chainsaw Troubleshooting Guide from Mother Earth News

We recently came across an article from 1985 offering a Chainsaw Troubleshooting Guide as well as safety tips for working with chainsaws.  Read the entire article, by Walter Hall, by clicking here.

This chainsaw troubleshooting guide includes common chainsaw problems such as:  Chain cuts crooked, cuts at an angle engine drags; chain dulls quickly; chain has been filed but won’t cut; chain grabs and jerks, cuts rough; chain slops in guide bar, overheats, cuts crooked.  The article offers solutions to a variety of chainsaw issues similar to and including the above mentioned.

In addition, Hall’s article features a section on safety:  Working Safely with a Chainsaw.  Thirty-one safety tips are offered as basic chainsaw safety rules.  Maintaining your chainsaw with clean, oiled equipment is a must. TriLink Saw Chain can help with replacement parts including full- and semi-chisel saw chains, sprockets, guide bar mounts, safety gear, and more.  Visit our website to learn more.


Saw Chain Replacement Guide at TriLink Saw Chain

TriLink Saw Chain has developed an easy to use saw chain replacement guide. The guide is available at trilinksawchain.com and can be used by anyone searching by chain saw brand, model, bar length, pitch, gauge, and kickback.

As users work their way across the guide choosing from dropdown menus, the following sections prefill for easy selection of the next step.  Users first choose the brand of chain saw.  Once the brand has been selected, all available models of the chainsaw are populated.  Once the chainsaw model has been selected, available bar lengths for that particular model are populated for selection.  Once bar length is chosen, available pitches are prefilled and so forth, with gauge and kickback as the last selections.

Once the user makes all applicable selections and presses “Submit,” available replacement chain and fit-up results are displayed.  TriLink Saw Chain’s saw chain replacement guide helps users determine the correct saw chain needed for their particular chainsaws, therefore saving time and preventing errors.

Use the Saw Chain Replacement Guide today to determine your chainsaw saw chain needs.



TriLink Saw Chain Partners with Tractor Supply Co.

Tractor Supply Store set

TriLink Saw Chain, LLC is proud to announce County Line saw chains, guide bars, and accessories available exclusively at Tractor Supply Company under the CountyLine brand name. CountyLine saw chain utilizes the patented Centri-Lube™ drive link to ensure you get the longest lasting, highest performing chain available.

Tractor Supply Co. began serving the needs of farmers and ranchers in North Dakota before expanding to almost 1200 stores in 45 states and employing more than 17,000 team members and still growing. Tractor Supply is continuing to grow with new stores, improved product offerings and inspirational team members.

TriLink Saw Chain, LLC is proud to add our quality products and valued customer service to the Tractor Supply Company.