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Semi Chisel Saw Chain

  • Manufactured to exacting standards of quality, strength and durability.
  • Chromed cutters for longer life and a sharper edge.
  • Engineered for precision, balance and low vibration.
  • UL listed chains meet all ANSI standards for low kickback chain.

Saw Chain Sizes


  • Chain is available in 25’ reels, 100’ reels and pre-cut loops.
  • When ordering bulk chain in 25’ or 100’ sizes, please specify the pitch, gauge and chain type number.
  • For loops, please also include the drive link count.
  • All reels include presets and tie straps.

A chain’s pitch is determined by measuring the distance between the centers of any 3 consecutive rivets and dividing by two.


Gauge of a chain is the thickness of the drive link measured at the fang. It’s essential that the drive link thickness correctly matches the width of the groove in the guide bar.


Kerf is the width of the cut in the wood made by the saw chain. Optimum kerf for a chain is dependent on saw horsepower, chain speed, guide bar length, and size.