About Us

TriLink Saw Chain, LLC is a company based in Atlanta, GA with offices in North America, South America, and Asia. Our company specializes in the manufacturing of high quality saw chain, guide bars, sprockets, and other  chain saw accessories. We offer a wide range of saw chain to meet every user’s needs, a complete line of guide bars for virtually every application, and an assortment of accessories for chain saw care and maintenance.

Leveraging our joint venture manufacturing facilities in Asia and our worldwide distribution capabilities, we are launching a new line of saw chain and accessories branded TriLink. This new product line offers our customers great quality, value, and is backed by our dedicated service organization.

At TriLink Saw Chain we believe that quality is the key to success. Our manufacturing facilities are certified ISO 9001:2000. This certification gives our customers the confidence that they are buying from a company that is committed to providing quality products and services.

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with excellent, personalized service every day. Our manufacturing, distribution, and customer service facilities in Asia and North America are dedicated to manufacturing and delivering your products on time, every time as well as providing outstanding customer service with every call.

In today’s global economy, customers are constantly looking to increase profitability with high quality products that are a better value than the competition. At TriLink Saw Chain we are constantly looking for ways to increase quality while delivering the best value chain in the industry. Our superior quality and unmatched value makes TriLink the saw chain solution for your company’s demanding needs.

TriLink Saw Chain also offers a complete line of saw chain that has been tested, approved, and listed by Underwriter’s Laboratories as meeting all standards for low kickback chain in accordance with the American National Standard Safety Requirements for gasoline powered chain saws. Our manufacturing facilities are audited quarterly by Underwriter’s Laboratories to maintain this listing and your confidence in our products.