We recently came across an article from 1985 offering a Chainsaw Troubleshooting Guide as well as safety tips for working with chainsaws.  Read the entire article, by Walter Hall, by clicking here.

This chainsaw troubleshooting guide includes common chainsaw problems such as:  Chain cuts crooked, cuts at an angle engine drags; chain dulls quickly; chain has been filed but won’t cut; chain grabs and jerks, cuts rough; chain slops in guide bar, overheats, cuts crooked.  The article offers solutions to a variety of chainsaw issues similar to and including the above mentioned.

In addition, Hall’s article features a section on safety:  Working Safely with a Chainsaw.  Thirty-one safety tips are offered as basic chainsaw safety rules.  Maintaining your chainsaw with clean, oiled equipment is a must. TriLink Saw Chain can help with replacement parts including full- and semi-chisel saw chains, sprockets, guide bar mounts, safety gear, and more.  Visit our website to learn more.