Chainsaw Carry Case

CSB001TL2 – Chainsaw Carry Case

  • Plastic tray stitched into bottom of bag provides stability while collecting oil leakage
  • Easily accessible pockets for storing and transporting replacement¬† chains, safety items, and maintenance tools
  • Fits most major chainsaw brands
  • Bar scabbard included

Bar Scabbard

BS001TL2 – 20in. Bar Scabbard

BS002TL2 – 20in. Bar Scabbard Wider Opening

  • Solid plastic bar sleeve designed to protect your chainsaws guide bar and chain while stored
  • Can be cut to fit most 18″, 16″ or 20″ guide bars
  • Fits most chainsaw brands

Felling Wedge

FW001TL2 – 5in. Plastic Felling Wedge

FW008TL2 – 8in. Plastic Felling Wedge

FW010TL2 – 10in. Plastic Felling Wedge

FW012TL2 – 12in. Plastic Felling Wedge

  • Designed for use in preventing pinching of the chainsaw guide bar while cutting
  • Used for aiding in directional felling of trees and bucking
  • Made of heavy duty plastic material for durability

Grease Gun

LG001TL2 – Chainsaw Grease Gun

  • Compatible with all chainsaws that have a sprocket nose guide bar, regardless of chainsaw brand or length
  • Reloadable cartridge easily refilled with all-purpose grease for many years of use use without having to replace the tool
  • High impact plastic body with steel nose and heavy duty spring
  • Lightweight and durable for ease of use in the field

Multi Tool Kit

MK001TL2 – 13 in 1 Maintenance Multi Tool Kit

  • INCLUDES: large screwdriver, small screwdriver, T27 Torx, 4mm allen wrench, bar groove cleaner, 10mm hex wrench, 13mm hex wrench, 17mm hex wrench, 13mm socket wrench, 16mm socket wrench, 17mm socket wrench, 19mm socket wrench, round file gauge, and a black nylon carry case
  • All in one repair tool kit for most chainsaw maintenance and repairs
  • Foldable, compact design fits easily into carry case


TS1319TL2 – 13mm x 19mm Wrench / Screwdriver Combo

TS1319HTL2 – 13mm x 19mm Wrench / Hex Screwdriver Combo

TS1719TL2 – 17mm x 19mm Wrench / Screwdriver Combo

TS0019TL2 – 19mm Wrench / Screwdriver Combo

TS1116TL2 – 11mm x 16mm Wrench / Screwdriver Combo

TS1610TL2 – 16mm x 10mm Wrench / Screwdriver Combo

  • Enables quick and easy field adjustments to keep your chainsaw running at peak performance
  • Standard 13mm and 19mm deep socket wrench fits most applications’ spark plugs and guide bar nuts
  • Standard scrench includes Flat head screwdriver for adjusting chain tension
  • Sizes available upon request for compatibility with most manufacturers’ chain saws